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Since the business world is continuously growing and becoming competitive each passing day, efficiency and professionalism are paramount for business success. And out of other ways, one of the ways through which both of these can be achieved is by outsourcing the virtual assistant to answer the phone. 

This is a modern-day business approach that will not only maintain a high level of customer service but also allow business professionals to focus more on their assigned tasks and get them done timely. Through VA, your business employee will not get distracted by the phone calls. 

The blog will delve into various reasons why this VA for answering phones is beneficial for your business. Doesnt matter what the size and scale of the business is, VA is perfect if you want steady growth in the business realm. 

Cost Effective Solution

Hiring full-time or in-house receptionists can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s where the virtual assistant to answer phone comes in. After outsourcing the phone answering services to the VA, you don’t have to bear in-house team expenses like salaries, benefits, office space, and machines. 

VA mostly works on a contractual or freelance basis, allowing the business to save money. You will be paying only for the services since they will either be on a part-time or freelance basis. As a result, it is a cost-effective solution for a business that needs to manage its budget wisely. 

Improved Customer Service

VA are often trained and hold expertise in their profession. As a result, they can be able to provide consistent, professional, and courteous responses to your clients. Hence ensure a positive approach to them. These professionals handle customer inquiries well, effectively, and efficiently after understanding.

With them, you can be sure of the constant growth in business reputation. Through professional response, customers will be satisfied and show loyalty towards your business. If you are running a startup, then customer satisfaction is everything. 

virtual assistant to answer phones

24*7 Availability 

Unlike the traditional office hours, the VA phone answering service works round the clock. If your business focuses on international clientele, then you must outsource phone answering service. It will ensure that your business caters to customers in different time zones and can also serve the customers who call after regular business hours. 

The 24/7 availability can provide your business a competitive edge over the competitors and make you available every time whenever your customer needs. 

Increased Productivity

If your employees tend to answer the phone calls every time, then it will create distraction and interruption in the workflow which leads to a decrease in productivity. You can give the phone answering service to the VA and can focus more on high-value tasks that drive your business forward. 

As a result, not only productivity will be boosted, but allow better usage of in-house resources and talents. 


As your business grows, the need to provide reliable customer services will also boost. Hence, VA is in high demand nowadays and offers a scalable solution for meeting business needs. Based on your business needs, you can simply increase or decrease the number of VA employed. 

Therefore, you dont have to go through the struggle of hiring, training, and retaining the employees, even when they are not required. As a result, your business can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and customer demands. 

Expertise and Specialization

There are various VA holding specializations in specific industries for handling customer service. As a result, you can find the right one according to the industry you are running the business. 

If you belong to the digital marketing industry or manufacturing unit, you can get virtual assistants from respective fields only. 


VA comes with unparalleled flexibility. With them, you can choose the level of service which suits your business. If you have a lot of customer handling tasks, you can ask them to work full-time remotely for you, otherwise, you can hire them on a contractual or part-time basis. 

This adaptability allows the business to tailor the service according to the needs and requirements. 

virtual assistant to answer phones

Wrapping Up

These are the reasons why hiring virtual assistants to answer phone will be beneficial for your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small, medium, or big corporation, it is essential for streamlining the customer handling process. 

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant for your business, then connect with us right away. We at Virtual Assistant Pro help you with hiring the most suitable VA as per your business needs and requirements. 

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